A fleet of 8 e-bikes and 30 e-scooters are currently installed at the Valley campus.

This fleet is available 24/7 for everybody working at the Valley, for your family members and friends. 

There is just one simple rule – each booking needs to start and end at one of the parking stations!



E-Scooters use on the Valley campus?

The e-scooters may only be used on the premises. Whether it is for a meeting, a visit to the bakery or for lunch at the Valley restaurant, and so on.


E-bikes for use outside the premises

Use an e-bike to cycle home after work and bring it back to the main site the next day. 


Want to explore your surroundings on the weekend? Cycle to Winterthur with your friends and discover the city!

Family and friends can also use the fleet ;)


Vehicle station

Kemptpark 2 

8310 Kemptthal

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Download app

Scan the QR code or hit the link below to download the Urban Connect app



The Valley e-scooter and

e-bike shared-fleet is partially subsidized by the Valley. This means you don't pay the full amount for the vehicle fleet usage. Also family and friends benefit from this!



No unlock fee

CHF 0.05 pro minute

Day Fare:
CHF 5.00 per 24 hours

No unlock fee

CHF 0.15 per minute

Day Fare:

CHF 5.00 per 24 hours

Any questions?

Our customer support team is more than happy to help

Office Hours:

Mo-Fr 8:00 –18:00

+41 44 555 2340