Simplified bike booking via smartphone!

Pilot Project for bike booking in Winterthur

Our existing fleet of 9 e-bikes and 17 regular bikes will soon be equipped with a new digital booking system - for easy usage! This fleet is available as usual for all AXA employees in three different locations in Winterthur: SB, R and G.

This pilot project starts on the 16th of August and lasts until mid-November. As usual, all the bikes are free of charge for all employees.

It's all very simple - download the app, register with your AXA email address and you're ready to ride. There is just one simple rule - Each booking needs to start and end at the same Urban Connect parking station! You can lock and unlock the bike during your journey as you wish, just remember to end the booking at your starting location.


Be smart and wear a helmet! You can find them at the receptions in building SB and W, or in the bike storages G and R.

Stay safe and enjoy your ride!

You have an appointment in another AXA location in Winterthur?

No need to use your car or public transport - take a bike and get past any city traffic comfortably and do something for your health and the environment.

How about a recreational break?

Take a regular bike or an e-bike to have a little break out in nature - get some fresh air, enjoy the sun and clear your head.

Fancy a sporty lunch break?

Grab a bike to meet friends for lunch and combine the break with exercise in the fresh air.

Three bike locations in Winterthur

All the bikes are free of charge - but make sure to always bring the bike back to the starting location at the buildings SB, R or G.

How it works






16th of August 2021


Scan the QR code or hit the link below to download the

Urban Connect app on your mobile phone.

Register with your AXA email address to get access to the fleet



Click here to find out how to register, book and operate the bikes



AXA is happy to promote cycling within the company :)

As usual, the bikes are free of charge - throughout the whole pilot from the 16th of August until mid-November.

Launch event

The Urban Connect team will be on site at the bike stations on the 16th of August to answer questions about the app and usage.

Drop by for a test ride:

Building SB 10:30am-12:15pm

Building R   12:45-14:30pm

Any questions?

Our customer support team is more than happy to help

Office Hours:

Mo-Fr 8:00 –18:00
+41 77 479 01 28