CERN E-bike and E-scooter fleet easily accessible through one app



A fleet of 30 e-bikes, 10 e-scooters and 30 regular bikes is installed at CERN on Meyrin and Prévessin Campus. This fleet is available during working hours for all CERN employees from the 12th of July until the 12th of October. 

Scroll down for the Link (site plan) to find a map with all the locations.

There is just one simple rule - Each booking needs to start and end at one of the labelled parking stations! 

Vehicle use

The e-scooters and e-bikes may only be used for work purposes - to go to meetings, to get around campus or to take a nice break from work.

Where can you ride the e-bikes?

If you need to take a longer trip from Meyrin or Prevessin to Alice, Atlas or LHC, the e-bikes are the perfect mode of transport!

Where can you ride the e-scooters?
E-scooters are perfect to get around the Meyrin and Prevessin campuses and will allow you to go to meetings in a fun and quick way! 

Remember to always return the e-scooter to an Urban Connect parking station at the end of your booking!

Lunch break?
Take an e-bike or e-scooter and travel comfortably to any restaurant - and do something good for yourself, your health and the environment.

How it works





Click here to find out how to register, book and operate a bike or scooter


Scan the QR code or hit the link below to download the

Urban Connect app on your mobile phone



Cern is happy to promote sustainable mobility within the company :)

From the 12th of July until the 12th of October, all bikes and e-scooters will be free of charge!

Information Event

As soon as we know that the Urban Connect team will be on Campus to promote the service, we will let you know. 

Any questions?

Our customer support team is more than happy to help

Office Hours:

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