Christmas Special 
Buy a premium Riese & Müller e-bike for yourself or a loved one!

As you know, Christmas will be upon us in just a short number of weeks! As you begin your Christmas shopping, we are thrilled to offer you a heavily discounted premium Riese & Müller Nevo 3 Vario e-bike for an UNBEATABLE price. We have a limited supply of the bike pictured below (lock not included) for the listed prices.

Beautiful Ornaments_edited.jpg

Choose from 2 different options!

Keep in mind: We only have a limited number of bikes and will be selling them on a first come, first served basis, so we suggest you act quickly! So we can ensure the best possible experience:

  • All bikes will be assembled by our expert team in advance and will also include an upgraded adjustable bike seat valued at 100 CHF.

  • Our partner, Riese & Müller, want to ensure impeccable customer experience with their e-bikes, so we will organize a yearly maintenance day at our office to test and tune up your e-bike. Note that all new bikes also are under their original warranty.

  • The e-bikes can be picked up at Urban Connect’s office in Hardbrücke, add time/date only one train station from the Zürich main station.


To reserve your bike, a payment of 500 CHF must be made via bank transfer in advance of picking it up. Click below to enter your contact details so we can reach out with all relevant information. You can also contact us with any questions via email!