Accelerating the shift to a low carbon-economy!

Why we do what we do!

The world is experiencing a mobility transformation. In a world with limited resources growing at a breathtaking rate, we cannot afford to have cars parked 95% of the time. Or that many cities devote up to 50% of their space to vehicles. This needs to change. And it will.


At Urban Connect we believe that companies are fundamental actors in the mobility transformation process that we are experiencing. Not in vain, most of the traffic-related efficiency and time losses (average person spends 1 week/year stuck in traffic) are related to commuting to work.


Our mission is to provide companies with holistic mobility solutions that create more sustainable and efficient work environments. Whether bicycles, e-scooters, or e-cars, we stand for shared usage.  We want to change the way we commute to work. 

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Modern micromobility is shaped by a vehicle that even a kid can lift up. This space efficient and fast commuter tool provides absolute flexibility to the user in an urban setting and is absolutely fashion friendly. Should you go to work in a suit-n-tie or jeans-n-jersey – you’ll feel convenient either way.

E-scooter 1-3 km journey:

E-bikes 3-15 km journey:

Mid-length commutes are the fastest by an e-bike. An all-in-one vehicle ensures you avoid traffic, get some workout, improve concentration, save time and always find a free parking spot. A corporate E-Bike sharing fleet proved to be a huge success by many of our clients.

E-cars 15 + km journey:

Individual car ownership is inefficient and costly. Corporate E-Car sharing by Urban Connect allows reliable, convenient and an affordable user experience with a seamless operational cycle ensured by our technology. Car share members typically use other modes of transport, including walking and cycling, that is beneficial to commuters health.

Prizes won

2018 Category Mobile

2018 Category User Experience


Our team

We are a young company based in Zurich, led by passion to reduce traffic congestion in the urban areas. We're reshaping the urban mobility landscape in Swiss cities.

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Robert is the Co-founder of Urban Connect. He grew up in South Africa, before moving to the US to study. He has academic degrees in Economics (BA, Bates College), Banking and Finance (MA, HSG) and International Affairs (MA, HSG) and will hopefully soon be awarded a PhD.


He has worked in banking for Credit Suisse and Julius Baer, and is also the founder of the think tank Redesigning Financial Services. He is also a frequent lecturer at the University of St. Gallen, where he won the 'Best Teacher' award in 2019. Robert loves the process of sharpening the value proposition Urban Connect can offer to better serve our clients.


Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Book: Catch 22

Favourite Food: Asian Fusion

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Tobias is Head of Operations at Urban Connect. He is a Swiss and Indian citizen, born and raised in Zurich.

He made an apprenticeship as a design engineer and worked for several years in the R&D department of Cimpress, an international printing company. In Tunis, Tunisia Tobias built up a new design team for Cimpress, trained the employees and defined the workflows.

After this experience he graduated with a bachelors degree in Transportation Systems Engineering with a focus on micro-mobility. This is how he came into contact with Urban-Connect.

As Head of Operations he is responsible for customer support, maintenance, new installations and purchasing. In cooperation with the Tech Development Team he also helps to improve Urban Connect's products and software.

Tobias is a motorcyclist and loves to go on big tours with his wife. Floorball is his passion; as a referee and sports director of the performance department of a local club he helps young and old players to practice their passion.


Favourite city: Rome

Favourite animal: Ant

Fun Fact: Related to Nicole Scherzinger

Boris is Urban Connect’s iOS developer. He grew up and studied electronics and computer programming in Belgrade, and currently lives there. Programming came naturally to him since he was that kid who destroyed all electrical toys just to learn what's inside, and to build his own toys with remaining parts.

He loves solving real-life problems by developing mobile apps and already was the team member of a few shared mobility companies while they were in a startup phase. He is also an administrator of the largest iOS developer community in Serbia and a mentor for young iOS development talents.

Besides programming, he is the co-founder of Trash Hero Serbia, part of a global movement tackling the garbage problem, and Transcendental Meditation teacher, because spending time in nature and in silence are his favourite things.

A favourite way of transport: eMTB
Favourite drink: Mountain spring water
Favourite food: Fruits and nuts

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Goran graduated from a degree in Computer Science in Belgrade Serbia, where he remains living now. He shortly worked for the army and after that has been working on projects large and small in development. From gaming to international security and biometrics. From 5 person startups to 5000 employee companies. During his career he has become certified as a CSM (Certified Scrum Master) and A CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

He enjoys software crafting and tinkering with electronics as well as motorcycle riding, classical science fiction and spending time with animals.

Favourite mean of transport: Motorcycle

Favourite city: Amsterdam,

Favourite book: Isaac Asimov's Foundation

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Mauro is Urban Connect’s CFO and is also deeply involved in Business Development.


Prior to joining Urban Connect, Mauro gained experience in consulting at PwC and in the retail industry at Aldi as an Area Manager responsible for multiple stores, their staff and sales. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of St.Gallen. During his studies he spent two semesters in Sydney at the University of Technology Sydney.

Mauro has an entrepreneurial mindset and is passionate about the opportunity to help scale Urban Connect to new spheres.

Favourite sport: Icehockey

Favourite hobby: Travelling

Favourite Food: Ossobuco & Wine

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Finn is part of the business development team at Urban Connect. He obtained a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Sheffield before working for 5 years as a project design engineer at a manufacturing company. He designed large pieces of maintenance equipment for aeroplanes and helicopters to allow safe and easy maintenance work and was responsible for delivering entire projects from cradle to grave.

He is passionate about sustainability and wanted to work in a more environmentally friendly sector, hence the move to Urban Connect, where he uses his experience in problem solving to develop the business and improve the efficiency of certain parts of the business.

He loves to be out in the fresh air – hiking, camping, surfing, cycling, swimming, and skiing. Get this lad out to the mountains and he is always happy! In his spare time, he likes to design and make furniture and spend hours trying to fix his old BMW 3 series that is often breaking down!

Favourite Film: Guardians of the Galaxy

Favourite Album: Bright Eyes - I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning

Favourite Food: Roast lamb on a Sunday evening

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Arha is a brilliant mechanic at Urban Connect. He grew up in Eritrea and moved to Switzerland where he now lives in Aarau.

Arha used to cycle professionally for his country Eritrea and won the Eritrean under 23 Championship and came 3rd at the elite level in his country. He has travelled over the world to race and to improve his cycling ability - places such as the African Cycling Centre in South Africa and the World Cycling Centre in Switzerland.

Over the last 3-4 years Arha has worked as a bike mechanic to help with customer satisfaction and to get as many people out on the bike as possible. He is great at finding and fixing problems and always there to help with any questions that users may have on site.

Favourite Sport: Cycling

Favourite Hobby: Volleyball

Favourite Food: Shrimp Pasta

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Ivan is Urban Connect’s Backend Web Developer. In his homeland Russia, Ivan studied Physics, became a programmer, and co-founded two software agencies. These days he lives with his family in Serbia.

Ivan has helped a lot of startups during his freelancing career. The list includes GitLab, where Ivan played a role of Developer Advocate which was different to his usual role. He shares his experience in his career as a speaker at conferences since 2010, teaching junior developers and writing a book for Rails developers.

He has joined Urban Connect to take the platform to the next level in terms of stability, features and scalibility.

Favourite hobbies: cycling, bouldering and reading

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Domas is part of the business development team at Urban Connect. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Strategy and International Management at the University of St.Gallen.


Previously, he gained first-hand experience in building a Lithuanian real estate crowdfunding platform, which grew more than tenfold during his time there. Domas was the second full-time employee to join the start-up and held responsibilities of sales, managing the IT team, and was involved in the investment screening process.

The key drivers to join Urban Connect for Domas were the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity to take part in the transition to a more sustainable future.


In his free time, Domas is usually found outdoors. Beach volleyball, snowboarding, and wakeboarding are his main hobbies. However, he also enjoys less active evenings - reading a book, playing board games with friends, or learning something new, such as restoring vintage bikes.


Favorite place: Nida, Lithuania

Favorite band: Queen

Favorite food: Tacos

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Simon is responsible for a successful costumer support at Urban Connect. He grew up in a suburb of Zurich and currently lives in Dietlikon.

He is a fromer chef  and completed a further education in the human recource area.

Simon is social and public active as a board member, sport manager and coach in a local sports club.


Favorite sport: floorball

Favorite band: imagine dragons

Favorite food: italian

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Maximilian is a part of Urban Connect’s business development and strategic projects team. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, which he obtained from ETH Zurich. Max discovered his interest in the energy and mobility sector during the first year of his studies, which brought him to focus his studies around these sectors in particular.


One of Max’s greatest passions is to promote sustainability in various aspects of life. Besides advocating ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he has spent a great amount of time researching and working in the domain of greenhouse gas removals - the domain to pull CO2 and other harming gases back out of the atmosphere. At Urban Connect, he translates his experience into projects like our brand new climate cockpit, where we measure the positive impact of our mobility solutions.

In his free time, Max particularly enjoys doing sports. Besides that, he likes catching up with friends and engaging with young innovative companies that are active in the climate space.

Favorite sport: Badminton

Favorite language: italian

Favorite cuisine: italian

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