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Changing the way we commute to work!

We help companies save money, take care of the environment and improve employee wellbeing. 

Urban Connect provides all-in-one bicycle fleet solutions for corporate clients. Companies like Google, Zurich Insurance and Roche choose Urban Connect to provide fleets of e-bicycles and bicycles for their employees who are on the move in Switzerland.

Whether moving in comfort across a corporate campus for a meeting, commuting or traveling to meet clients for lunch, the bicycles provided by Urban Connect are a stylish, fun and very eco-friendly way to get around.  

Among our Clients are:


Benefits of our Solution

Reduce parking costs by 80%

Cut time lost in traffic by 50%

Lower CO2 emissions by 90%

Promote an innovative corporate image

Improve employee health

Fun, refreshing way to commute

Branded high-quality bikes

There are endless bicycles and manufacturers to choose from. We help you select the perfect make and model bicycle for your initiative, then provide you with the option to lease or buy.

Full maintenance support

Reliability is important. We offer preventative maintenance to ensure maximum fleet uptime, as well as 48 hour emergency maintenance support. 

Bike insurance

Protect your assets: we offer a specialized insurance policy for all of the bicycles we sell and lease, to ensure your fleet is always intact.  

Fleet intelligence with App and Backend*

Don't invest more than you really want. With our technology package, employees can manage all bookings electronically and lock/unlock bicycles using an app on their mobile phone. 

*also available as a separate offer for your already existing bike fleet


Our Complete Offer

We make meeting your sustainability initiatives and goals incredibly easy.
Our offer consists of four pillars:

Call us to find out more about our offering. We are happy to tailor our solution according to your needs.

Smart Lock

No keys needed. The app on your phone is your key. The smart lock uses Bluetooth technology to lock and unlock your bike. 

We use cutting edge technology to make using fleet bicycles easy.

All it takes is a mobile application

Download the app, grab a helmet, and you're ready to go! 

Unlock any available bicycle using the app on your phone, and you're on your way. 

Fleet Management System

We developed a unique administration platform for fleet operators. It serves as a cockpit with real time reservation records, location of bikes, valuable usage data, and incorporates an alarm system that alerts when maintenance is needed. 

Reporting and Data Analysis

We make sure our clients get a monthly update on the usage of their fleet. Our thorough data analysis includes quantitative insights into variables such as the frequency of use, maintenance required per bike, cumulative distance travelled, CO2 saved, and many other relevant data points. 

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About Us

We are a young company based in Zurich, led by passion to reduce traffic congestion in the urban areas. We're reshaping the urban mobility landscape in Swiss cities.

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About Us

We are a young company based in Zurich, led by passion to reduce traffic congestion in the urban areas. We're reshaping the urban mobility landscape in Swiss cities.

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