I'm not sure if our employees would use the fleet. Can we do a pilot?

Yes, we offer a 6-month pilot.

Can employees use the e-bike to commute?

Yes, they can commute home after work and come to work the next day with the bike. It is also great for commuting to meetings or to lunch dates outside of your location.

How exactly does the booking work?

Your employees download the app on Play Store or Apple App Store and can register with their company mail address. After that, they are good to ride. It is that simple

Is your solution only suitable for cities?

No, we have clients in the countryside as well and it works perfectly there as well.

Do employees have to bring the e-bike back to the company station?

Yes, to end their booking they need to return the bike to one of the company stations.

Does every employee need his/her own e-bike?

No, we offer a shared mobility solution. Sharing is caring.

Isnʼt it cheaper to buy a fleet yourself?

No. It would take more than 2 years to recoup the costs of the premium e-bikes alone. In addition, the costs for the regular maintenance & cleaning, the build-up and maintenance of charging stations, the IoT hard- and software, insurance, customer service and the software solution, which enables efficient accounting, data analysis and sharing. Last but not least, the mobility-as-a-service offer has a liquidity-saving effect on our partners.

Are the employees allowed to use the e-bikes even after the regular working hours?

The employer (you) determines whether employees are allowed to use corporate bikes privately.

We are a company with 100 employees. How many vehicles do you recommend?

The number of e-bikes required depends on the intentions and use cases in a company. We recommend to start with a 10 e-bike pilot if your company does not exceed the headcount of 700 employees. The fleet software offers an overview and our backend creates monthly usage reports and various data points that are helpful to recognise the success/failure rate of the fleet and the need to increase/decrease the vehicle count.

Will additional costs be added to the monthly price?

No! Our solution is a "Mobility as a Service" model, i.e. all costs (repair, insurance, replacement of vehicles if needed etc.) are included in the monthly price. In other words, you do not buy bikes but subscribe to an all-inclusive mobility package.

We already have existing bikes and/or company cars. Can we integrate these vehicles into your offering?

Yes, you can. Please refer to Urban Connect for a price quote according to your needs. Your fleet will be converted accordingly and installed in our fleet management software.

Are there men / ladies / unisex bikes?

We provide unisex bicycles and e-bikes that are comfortable to use for both – men and women. The e-bikes are available in sizes M (up to 1.74 m) and L (from 1.75 m). The height-adjustable saddle allows an optimal sitting position for all body sizes.

How can I try Urban Connect App? / Is registration also possible outside business hours?

All users must register via Urban Connect App. This registration is possible at any time of the day. You may register only with your work email address (@company.com) to which you will receive an activation link/code. Your access to a corporate fleet is enabled only through the company email address, domain of which is supervised and whitelisted in our system.

Which operating system must my mobile phone have for the app to work?

Android: version 5.0 or higher iOS: version 9.0 or higher

How fast is the fleet maintenance service?

Urban Connect provides emergency 48h maintenance service as well as regular check of the fleet technical well-being.

Where is the repair/maintenance service done?

If possible, the repair will be done directly at one of the designated fleet parkings of your company. For larger repairs, the repair is carried out in a specialist workshop.

What to do in case of vehicle damage?

The user reports a damage via the Urban Connect app. If it’s a flat tire, the bike will be fixed within 48 hours. For minor defects, the damage is taken care of by our mechanic on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis upon the agreement between Urban Connect and your company.

Is there a helmet obligation for e-bikes?

E-bikes with a support up to 25km/h are considered a bicycle under traffic law and therefore there is no obligation to wear a helmet when using it. It is in the hands of each individual to decide for or against wearing a helmet. We provide high quality helmets with your corporate branding to ensure maximum safety and style of your employees.

What should I keep in mind in winter?

As a general rule, cold reduces the performance of the battery. Also, we do not recommend to ride our bikes when the streets are icy.

How long is the charging time of a battery?

The charging time depends on the capacity of the battery. A completely empty e-bike battery is fully charged in about 4 hours.

Does the e-bike have a mudguard, light, phone holder?

All e-bikes provided by us are equipped with a mudguard on the front and rear wheel. A headlight at the front and a rear light make the e-bike safe and visible from any angle. Other items are optionally bookable.

What vehicle equipment can I request?

Various vehicle accessories can be added, such as a side pannier, basket, phone holder, water holder etc. Please contact Urban Connect for prices and technical details.

How long does the branding last? Is the branding on the e-Bikes water resistant and scratch prone?

The e-bike branding can be used up to seven years, it is water/weatherproof and has a protection laminate against immediate physical damage.

What are the criteria for theft?

1) The e-bike must have been properly locked.

2) The user to whom the unfortunate occurrence has happened is obliged to contact us immediately upon the theft discovery and fill in a theft report provided by us per email.


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