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Why we do what we do!

The world is experiencing a mobility transformation. In a world with limited resources growing at a breathtaking rate, we cannot afford to have cars parked 95% of the time. Or that many cities devote up to 50% of their space to vehicles. This needs to change. And it will.


At Urban Connect we believe that companies are fundamental actors in the mobility transformation process that we are experiencing. Not in vain, most of the traffic-related efficiency and time losses (average person spends 1 week/year stuck in traffic) are related to commuting to work.


Our mission is to provide companies with holistic mobility solutions that create more sustainable and efficient work environments. Whether bicycles, e-scooters, or e-cars, we stand for shared usage.  We want to change the way we commute to work. 

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Modern micromobility is shaped by a vehicle that even a kid can lift up. This space efficient and fast commuter tool provides absolute flexibility to the user in an urban setting and is absolutely fashion friendly. Should you go to work in a suit-n-tie or jeans-n-jersey – you’ll feel convenient either way.

E-scooter 1-3 km journey:

E-bikes 3-15 km journey:

Mid-length commutes are the fastest by an e-bike. An all-in-one vehicle ensures you avoid traffic, get some workout, improve concentration, save time and always find a free parking spot. A corporate E-Bike sharing fleet proved to be a huge success by many of our clients.

E-cars 15 + km journey:

Individual car ownership is inefficient and costly. Corporate E-Car sharing by Urban Connect allows reliable, convenient and an affordable user experience with a seamless operational cycle ensured by our technology. Car share members typically use other modes of transport, including walking and cycling, that is beneficial to commuters health.


Prizes won


2018 Category Mobile

2018 Category User Experience


Our team

We are a young company based in Zurich, led by passion to reduce traffic congestion in the urban areas. We're reshaping the urban mobility landscape in Swiss cities.

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