E-bike vs E-car: the choice of the decade

A professional who chooses e-bike as his ultimate commuting option in between the meetings

The topic of urban mobility and urban cycling, in particular, has clearly gained immense interest over the past few years.

With the bike sharing surge in popularity in 2007 after big European cities introduced their bike sharing systems to the public, it has become clear - bike is a future of mobility.

10 years later, we are now experiencing another wave of public interest in cycling and bike sharing.

Over this time humanity introduced electric cars and autonomous driving, artificial intelligence is rapidly taking a toll over many operations and none of the mobility industries could allow stagnation following this amount of innovation. So did a bike. A two-wheeled vehicle received multiple updates within the last decade.

A time-efficient commuting option got electrified which expanded its areas of application and the age range of users. The hardware has become more robust and able to withstand variable weather conditions. Style and design lost its limit and, nowadays, give us an opportunity to choose among a great variety of handlebars, saddles, wheels, tyres, gear and other cycling accessories.

Countless improvements have definitely worked as an enticing factor for many commuting option seekers, yet what exactly caused such a drastic rise in bike popularity and is car electrification a trait of a cleaner future?