Celebrating the launch of Urban Connect’s new software

In August 2017 we, at Urban Connect, met a decision to cooperate with Liip in order to develop a unique system that could help employers and employees manage their commutes in a very efficient way.

5 month later concordantly we are thrilled to present to the world the ultimate solution for the fleet management that consists of a mobile application for employees and a fleet management system for employers.

Our journey to the final product was rocky and has started at the very beginning of 2017 when the mockup of our current system was developed. Ever since we were tirelessly analysing the needs of our users, their preferences and requests to build an easy-to-use, practical tool with maximum functionality.

We are happy to see the harvest of our mutual efforts with Liip now. Liip - an agile digital company - has a great work ethic, holocratic approach to hierarchy at work place and outgoing attitude. We greatly appreciate the fact that even our small concerns and seemingly insignificant requests, in comparison to the main workload, were properly addressed.

Our cooperation goal was to develop a mobile application (available on Android & iOS) and fleet management system (FMS). The functionality is simple. With the Urban Connect app our users may reserve and unlock bikes of the corporate fleet within a span of just three clicks. We use Bluetooth technology to enable connection between our app and our electronic locks that we additional supply our clients with.

Urban Connect Smart Lock for corporate bike sharing