Summer Time is Biking Time - 7 Tips for Your Bike Commute

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. And the espresso is spreading its fragrance ...

The Question is: Where are you?

  • Get stuck in the car?

  • Suffered from the traffic jam?

  • Annoyed by crowded trams and trains?

Forget all those worries and troubles, why not ride a bike to work now? Summer time is a perfect time to start. To help you get rolling, here are 7 tips to get started.

1. Never forget your helmet

To protect your head and all those brilliant ideas insides, DO remember wearing a helmet! Seriously, the world is waiting to be saved by you.

2. Set achievable distance and frequency

Don't push yourself too hard. Remember, you are going to have fun with bike commute, not to be stressed again. If you live close to work, it is conceivable that you can commute both ways. If you live several miles away and the commute will take you 30 minutes or more, consider hitching a ride with a co-worker to get to the office, then ride one-way home. For the same reason, make you plans to commute to and from work achievable at the beginning. After you can consistently achieve success, add more commuting segments or days.