How to become the most 🚲-friendly workplace

The most bicycle-friendly workplaces - tips

We analysed the most 🚲-friendly workplaces according to Bicycling dot com & here’s what we found out.

✅ Cyclists are rewarded! With perks like free bike-share memberships & cash benefits for commuting on two wheels either as a discount on purchase of cycling related products at the end of the year or as a cash additive to the salary.

✅ Fleets for employees on a free of charge basis or as a partially subsidised option dominate! As a company you can decide how much you want to invest & choose a mobility as a service package with vehicles, branding, maintenance, sharing software and customer support either fully at your expense or as a cost distributed option between you and your employees.

✅Spandex friendly employer, anyone? Well, if suit'n'tie is the only outfit you are ready to accept, then the best option would be to provide facilities to ensure smooth ‘outfit conversion’ such as drying racks in the locker rooms, easy access between the latter, 🚲 parking & office spaces, as well as showering facilities.

✅ Cycling leader e.g. CEO on wheels is a common denominator in this corporate cycling equation. Yup, folks. You have to leave your 🚗 at home sometimes & show that hashtag#corporatecycling isn't just a CSR buzzword to you 😜

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