This is how Urban Connect works

If you wonder how Urban Connect works and why your company needs it - grab some snacks 🍎🥨🥪 and read this.

Urban Connect AG is a smart corporate mobility management platform.


🚲 high-quality e-bikes of your choice with your corporate branding

🛠 regular & emergency maintenance

☂️ vehicle insurance

📞 around-the-working-week customer support

💰 flexible financing options

📊 fleet usage analytics

📱 smart booking & locking app solution

🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️ a team of professionals to satisfy your needs and deliver the best mobility experience to your employees


👁 movable marketing platform

🤝 amenity for talent acquisition process

🥰 improved employee health & well-being

🧾 cuts on health insurance expenditure

🚘 cuts on parking costs

📉 corporate CO2 emission reduction

🥳 fun way to commute to work, meetings, lunch venues...

🕐 reduced late appearances & time lost in traffic

✅ and many more 😉

Keen to know more and how it can be implemented at your company? Then hit us up📲 or write us an 📧

Changing the way we commute to work! 🚲💨

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