What should you do if your company's cycling initiative exceeds success expectations? 📈💣

For some - a ridiculous matter to worry about, for many of our clients - a real concern that requires rapid action.

Step 1️⃣. Identify the "culprit units"

The most frequent cause of the above is a simple shortage of bikes. Most of us know about many cycling benefits, yet we get hooked to riding one only once we try it ourselves and embrace the freedom. So do your employees. Ever rising interest & demand in your corporate fleet is not a false approach chosen by you, it is a healthy tendency within your corporate structure that will grand your company with countless benefits in the long-term. But how to deal with it now? Proceed to step 2.

Step 2️⃣. Assess the measures

If it is to do with the shortage of bikes, - the most organic solution would be the expansion of company's fleet. But what if your financial planning for this year didn't include the fleet expansion costs? Regardless of whether you are an SME or a big company, we offer customer-beneficial, flexible fleet financing options that will satisfy both: your employees and your CFO. You might also consider diversifying your fleet with cost-effective e-scooters, slow bikes etc.

Step 3️⃣. Communicate