Zurich Insurance E-bike fleet for

all employees!

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A fleet of 10 e-bikes is installed at Zurich Insurance. This fleet is available 24/7 for all Zurich Insurance employees, at the two locations Skykey and Mythenquai.

There is just one simple rule - Each booking needs to start and end at the Urban Connect parking station! 

Looking for the best way to commute from your house to work?

Use an e-bike to cycle home after work and bring it back to the main site the next day.


Want to explore your surroundings on the weekend? Cycle around the lake, go for an ice cream to Bellvue or spend the afternoon in the Park im Grünen. Take your friends or family along and book a bike for them too.

Lunch break?

Ride an e-bike and take a short trip along the lake to spend your lunch break in nature.

You have an appointment in the city center?
Then leave the car at home!
Take an e-bike and cycle comfortably past any traffic jam - and do something good for yourself, your health and the environment.

How it works


Scan the QR code or hit the link below to download the

Urban Connect app on your mobile phone



Click here to find out how to book an e-bike as well as how to operate one







Zurich Insurance is happy to promote cycling within the company therefore it is absolutely free to use the e-bike fleet! 

Any questions?

Our customer support team is more than happy to help

Office Hours:

Mo-Fr 8:00 –18:00
+41 77 479 01 28