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Happy International Women's Day 2019 from our office to yours

As a woman-led company, we recognise and celebrate the power and achievements of female leaders every day.

Our goal, besides enabling cities and companies with fast and efficient transportation means, is also to invigorate more women to pursue cycling. According to Sustrans, 50% fewer women than men cycle twice a week or more. Commonly cited reasons include sexual harassment, fears about appearance and concerns about safety.

In Copenhagen there is a small gender gap in the number of cyclists on the road – more than 50% of journeys are taken by women. Infrastructure, facilities and policies can all help to make cycling a more attractive choice for all citizens. Yet just as important are the decisions which shape our cities. If mayors, urban planners and road users consider the average cyclist to also be the average man, it is unsurprising that many women choose to stay off their bikes. A few simple changes can help challenge that gender bias, which will benefit public health, help tackle climate change, make our cities more liveable and make the cycling gender gap fade away not only in Copenhagen but in many other cities around the world.


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