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This is what you need to launch a successful corporate cycling initiative

Corporate bike programs. What do we know about them?

They are a great way to increase employee engagement because of their significant ability to impact daily efficiencies. Company bike fleets are also an efficient way to navigate large corporate campuses; to travel to meetings in urban centers; to deliver packages in densely populated areas; and to bike commute.

What does a company need to launch a successful bike program?

The following:


✅Operational support

✅Motivational programs



With the right infrastructure—bikes, parking, showers—more employees will use bikes and get around more efficiently.

Liability and risk management together with bike repair and maintenance take up the most operational effort.

How can you actually bring your employees on bikes? Cash remuneration for those who meet the minimum requirements for bike commuting, events and campaigns tied to cycling seasons/ Bike to Work Day are some of the most frequently used motivational means.

Educate and inform your employees about cycling opportunities.

If you want long-term commitment to your bike program, it has to be tied to corporate objectives.

Urban Connect does all of the above for you. Contact us today to find out more and how it can be implemented at your company.

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