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Your corporate e-bike fleet can look like this

Swiss cities need a hero. A hero who could liberate them from traffic jams, save parking space, cut valuable working time of their citizens lost in traffic and lower CO2 emissions.

While we do not claim to be that hero, we do provide a solution that can resolve the above mentioned urban challenges. We rethink transportation and approach a social issue from the working angle, quite literally. Imagine a company or an organisation having an e-bike fleet.

What impact would it make on your life as an employee?

No late appearances, more time flexibility, better health, the list goes on.

What difference would it make for you as an employer?

Great cuts in employee health bills, reduced parking costs, significantly lowered absenteeism and late appearances, better performance at work.

Our goal is to provide this opportunity to each company Swiss-wide and beyond. Mobility as a service solution - premium vehicles, bike accessories, regular maintenance, software, sharing app access, corporate branding, insurance and customer support, - changing the way we commute to work! 🦸🏻‍♀️🚲💨

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